With the research completed, the foundation for the concept phase has been laid. Besides current topics such as electromobility, autonomous driving and car-sharing, the topic of modularity in vehicle interiors stood out especially. This raised not only the question of how these vehicles can be designed to enable as many people as possible to use them in as many situations as possible, but also how current technical developments can be integrated into vehicles at a faster pace.
The comparison between smartphones and cars is especially remarkable. While the smartphone has a development time of around one year and a life of some four to five years, both cycles are about four to five times as long for cars. Around five years pass between receiving the starting signal for the development of a new car and its presentation, after which it boasts approximately 20 years of use. This means that a car is already suspended from technological progress during its development and during the course of the all encompassing digitalisation, this discrepancy affects the following models even more.